Summer Swing Triple Crown?

Do you like social dancing?  Is the thrill of an amazing late night dance, or the magic of dancing with someone new the highlight of your event weekend?  




This Summer, we're putting the spotlight on social dancing - the sweat, tears and glory of being the most awesome, friendliest and tireless dancer out there!  Introducing the Summer Swing Triple Crown, where we will crown the social dance CHAMPION across Jack & Jill O’Rama, Wild Wild Westie and Swingtacular!


Your peers will be voting for you...And guess what?




As the Triple Crown Champion, you’ll be invited back to all three events with a lifetime pass!  Three Events, One Champion for LIFE.

and the best part?

EVERYONE wins cause the social dancing is going to be AWESOME!



The Summer Swing Triple Crown Tour 2019 starts at Jack & Jill O'Rama
(June 6th-9th) continues at Wild Wild Westie (July 4th-7th) and concludes with crowning our Triple Crown Champion at Swingtacular (August 1st-4th).


Is there a winner at each event?

YES, you can win one crown - but to win the Triple Crown, you’ll have to "boogie down" to get every vote you can.  The more events you go to, the easier winning will be. Each event will have their own Summer Swing Triple Crown prizes (check out our Champion's Corner).

Note: You don't have to attend all three events to be eligible for the Triple Crown.

How do I sign up?

Simply register for one or all of the events - buying a weekend pass will put your name in as an eligible candidate.

Refer to FAQ for full requirements.


How do I vote?

You must have a Google account - we are using Google Forms to tabulate and verify votes. You can vote either online or through SwingPoints - download the app, and you’re ready!

How do I get votes?

Dancers will vote for you - AND you can also obtain additional votes from performing social challenge games through the weekend! 

 Watch your push notification and Facebook announcements for game opportunities. 

What are the rules?

Vote for your favorite social dancers - you only have 5 votes per event - so make them count!  

You can’t vote for yourself - and be honest - this isn’t a popularity contest. If you find someone that just looooves to social dance and will dance with just about everyone and brings a smile to your face, that’s totally vote-worthy!

No duplicates, No exceptions. Staff is not included.