How do I vote?

Who is eligible to be a Triple Crown Champion?

1. Anyone who registers with a full weekend pass for the event that you're attending. Reminder: Staff is not eligible.


2. You MUST pre-register online OR register in person by the end of Friday Evening at midnight.


How do you vote?

1. Download SwingPoints 

       - go into the event you want to vote at

       - authenticate using Google log-in

       - follow directions

You MAY vote for up to 5 Individuals per event.

You MAY NOT vote for the same person twice.

2. Vote through Google Forms - will need Google log-in

     Google Form Links will be released at the event.

3. Hand Tracy Wang a piece of paper with your 5 votes.  This is your last resort, if for some reason internet no longer works for you.  She may also require a glass of wine to accompany your votes.

Votes will be tabulated SUNDAY.  Deadline will be announced BY EVENT. 

The CHAMPION for each event will be crowned at awards.

The CHAMPION for the Triple Crown will be crowned at awards for Swingtacular 2020.